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Kingsun Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.

Prestigious manufacturer of LED lighting solutions for roadway, area, industrial, outdoor applications

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    Hengjiangxia Administration Zone, Changping, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Kingsun is a prestigious designer, developer and manufacturer of an extensive array of LED lighting solutions for roadway, area, industrial, outdoor architectural, commercial and residential lighting applications. Started in 1993 as a holiday decorative lighting manufacturer, Kingsun pioneered the development of energy-efficient LED lighting as early as 1998 with the launch of its small- and mid-power LED production lines. In 2000 the company expanded its LED product portfolio to include LED displays. 2004 was a milestone year for Kingsun when the company started to explore and develop high power LED technology that laid the foundation for the company's vibrant growth in the successive decade. In 2007 the mass-production of high power LED luminaires debuted Kingsun's accomplishment of fully embracing the revolutionary lighting technology, and pushed the company way through to the time of glory. In 2011 Kingsun was successfully listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 002638).

Today Kingsun carries a huge product portfolio of LED lights that include street lights, tunnel lights, wall packs, high bay lights, low bay lights, canopy lights, flood lights, parking lot lights, garden lights, bollards, exterior wall washers, in-ground lights, and a collection of interior lighting products. Despite the massive product offerings, Kingsun ingrained its impressive market presence and drove its remarkable growth through one series of products - LED street lights. Throughout the years, Kingsun has built a solid brand recognition in the domestic and global markets for setting the standard in roadway and street lighting solutions. Kingsun's roadway and area luminaires integrate advanced LED technology with high system efficacy and excellent lumen maintenance, unique optics solution for optimized light distribution to comply with various road lighting standards, and proprietary thermal design that enables better air ventilation, heat dissipation and dust resistance. Superior illumination, maximum energy savings, minimal maintenance, long operational life and low cost of ownership make Kingsun's roadway lighting solutions an enviable choice and stand out in the competition.

With over a decade of lighting innovation, Kingsun has built itself a compelling technology portfolio that distinguished itself in the crowded, hyper-competitive market. The installation of one million street and tunnel lights worldwide gives Kingsun the tremendous advantage of understanding the interrelationship between light sources, optics, electrical systems, thermal design and system integration. Kingsun's expertise goes beyond simply offering fixtures without analyzing the lighting solution from the buyer's perspective. The company provides outstanding technical support through a comprehensive end-to-end approach. Its project management of turnkey lighting solutions drives value by implementing a comprehensive lighting audit to help its customers yield the greatest energy savings without compromising lighting performance. Leveraging a combination of patented technologies and customized solutions, Kingsun's technology-driven customer support fulfils customer's expectation for economically sensible, future-proof lighting systems.

The consistent investment in research and development has cultivated a unique technology heritage that is reflected in Kingsun's broad patent portfolio comprised of over 400 design, utility model and invention patents. Kingsun is certified HNTE (China's High and New-Technology Enterprise) business and has a CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) accredited R&D lab. The company has been sponsoring a postdoctoral program with the goal of creating an environment where creative scientists and engineers can flourish in the cutting edge LED technology. The progresses in technology and innovation leave the company strongly positioned to not only upgrade its labor intensive process to high-tech process with a high level of automation, but also accelerate the transition from purely fictional lighting to feature-rich intelligent lighting. In 2015, Kingsun launched Eyelight K1 smart floor lamps, demonstrating its effort in exploring the combination of lighting and the Internet of Things (IoT) which is deemed to transform the way people interact with their environment, while lighting serves a most practical carrier of sensor nodes in the IoT platform.

Kingsun operates a world-class manufacturing infrastructure that make it possible to deliver a stream of product innovations. Encompassing a vast area of 300,000 square meters, Kingsun's manufacturing facilities are vertically integrated to offer the industry's most comprehensive in-house capabilities. All components, circuits and electronics for its flagship products are designed and manufactured in-house in order to meet the company's high standard requirement of system integration. The integrated manufacturing systems give Kingsun sharp edge in terms of quality control, product availability, customization competence and manufacturing costs. As an lighting manufacturer of global presence, Kingsun's commitment to product quality, safety and reliability can be evidenced in their third party verified compliances and conformities to a range of industry and international certification programs including UL, CB, CE, CSA, SAA, EMC, TUV, FCC, and SASO, etc.
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